Covid-19 Safety Plan

Employers must develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Le Petit Hibou Preschool Society has developed a plan using the six-step process outlined by the Province of BC. Each step has checklists with items we aim to constantly address as we resume operations.

Outlined on this page are the specific preschool measures Le Petit Hibou strives to implement as our province moves forward with Covid-19 safety measures. For a full list of the Covid-19 safety plan and checklist, please email the Communications Director or visit the preschool to see a printout version.

Assess the risks at your workplace

The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads in several ways. It can spread in droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. It can also spread if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face. The risk of person-to-person transmission increases the closer you come to other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people you come near. The risk of surface transmission increases when many people come in contact with the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time.

Preschool specific measures to help protect against Covid-19

Limiting the Number of People and Physical Distancing
✓ We have limited access to parents. They must drop off outside the classroom in order to limit the number of people inside the preschool.
✓ Physical markers are visible outside to encourage families to keep proper physical distance from each other at drop off.
✓ One parent or caretaker only are invited to accompany their student at drop off.
✓ Our two teachers, assistants, substitutes, and cleaning staff are the only adults allowed in Le Petit Hibou without special invitations.
✓ Communication between parents and teachers is done via phone or email wherever possible.
✓ Class size is limited to 16 students per class.
✓ Outside time has been increased, weather permitting.
✓ Staggered craft, activity, and snack times are being set in order to limit the amount of students in one place in the classroom.
✓ Fundraisers are being limited to non-contact/non-physical volunteer.
✓ Board meetings and communications between board members and staff are done via Zoom, email or phone.

Barriers and Partitions
✖ Barriers are not possible in the preschool environment. Instead we are limiting numbers and not providing access to parents/caregivers except in emergencies. Our yard is fenced and locked to prevent anyone but our staff and students from entering.

Administrative Rules and Guidelines
✓ Employees must wash hands for 20 seconds or more with soap and water when arriving at Le Petit Hibou and after using the restroom.
✓ Employees must not share food or drinks with each other or with students. Any outside snacks for parties or birthdays must come in sealed packaging and be distributed by an employee wearing a mask and gloves.
✓ Employees must attempt to maintain a 2 meter distance from each other when it is possible.
✓ Employees should maintain a physical distance from parents and caregivers and should use a non contact greeting such as a wave.
✓ Teachers will store students belongings separately and pass on artwork/belongings/corresondence to families through non contact methods.
✓ Employees will keep a log of non-student visitors that includes a full name and phone number for contact tracing.
✓ Employees will remind families to provide easy to operate clothing, snacks and water bottles to limit the amount of physical help required by our employees.
✓ Due to the nature of the preschool environment physical distance can not always be maintained. Employees will try to limit the number of physical interactions with students to only those that are absolutely necessary to mainain health, safety and well being.
✓ If an employee develops symptoms of COVID-19 while working, they must immediately inform their coworkers and isolate or leave the classroom.
✓ Employees with symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home until 14 days after their symptoms have subsided or upon a clear result from a COVID-19 test.
✓ Employees will develop a safety plan in the event a student develops symptoms of COVID-19 while attending the class. The plan should include isolation away from other students, contacting a caregiver and cleaning after the student has left.
✓ Teachers will give students an assessment for COVID-19 symptoms with the assistance of the child’s caregiver before they are to enter the classroom.
✓ Teachers will inform parents in the event a student is showing symptoms that their child will not be permitted in the classroom until a clear COVID-19 test is given or symptoms have subsided for 14 days.
✓ In the event a child is showing difficulty breathing or other signs of extreme distress, employees are to call 911 first and then the student’s caregiver.
✓ If a teacher must physically assist a student, proper hand hygiene must follow (e.g., blowing their nose, in the bathroom, with a snack etc).
✓ If an employee, student or guest that has been in the classroom develops a confirmed case of COVID-19 parents ad staff will be notified in a way that maintains the persons’s privacy and contact tracing will be done as recommended by the health authority.
✓ Employees will self assess for COVID-19 symptoms each day before reporting to work.

Using Masks
✓ Employees are encouraged to review BC’s health guidelines regarding the use of masks in an educational setting and use their personal discretion in deciding to use a mask.
✓ Students are not required to wear a mask, but in the event they develop symptoms of COVID-19 while in class, an attempt to have them wear one until they can be safely picked up will be made.
✓ Employees who develop symptoms of COVID-19 while working will be asked to wear a mask until they can safely leave.
✓ Adults entering Le Petit Hibou who are not employees, cleaning staff or educational assistants will be asked to wear a mask. A disposable mask will be provided to them if they do not have their own.
✓ Students are allowed to wear masks or personal use at their and their caregivers discretion. Masks are not to be shared among students.

Cleaning Protocols
✓ Employees will wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water upon arriving at Le Petit Hibou.
✓ Employees will disinfect high contact surfaces daily and between groups of students.
✓ Employees should place any toys or objects seen to come in contact with student’s eyes, mouth or nose aside and out of reach of students until the toy or object can be properly disinfected.
✓ Reusable dishware such as glasses, cutlery or plates must be washed and put away immediately after use. Employees are encouraged to have personal use only mugs, glasses and water bottles for themselves.
✓ Shared job tools (such as keyboard/computer/phone etc) are to be disinfected between use by employees.
✓ Employees are to check daily that proper hygiene supplies such as soap, water, cleaner, tissues and paper towels are available in good supply.
✓ Employees are to develop and execute a hygiene policy around students using the bathroom, entering the school and snack time.
✓ If an employee or student leaves the facility with symptoms, all surfaces must be disinfected after their departure.
✓ The school is professionally cleaned by an SD23 employee. Employees of Le Petit Hibou will communicate any additional cleaning needed outside regular duties if needed.